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The Island of Rhum Boogie
and the forbidden Tiki Bar of Martini deWinter.

Somewhere near the land of Samoa, a tiny, palm covered island held secrets known only to a few.  Protected by the thick of the jungle, an angry volcano and guarded by fierce natives,  lies a hidden paradise known as the Rhum Boogie Tiki Bar.  

The British Royal Air Force commissioned a top-secret military supply installation on the island, sending a team of highly skilled officers and technicians to survey the site.   However, the mission didn't quite go as planned.

After being marooned during a terrible storm, Captain Martini deWinter & his crew discovered Rhum Boogie whilst being 'escorted' by the local natives to the evening's meal.  Much to his surprise, deWinter was not a guest but was, in fact, the main course!  Fortunately, luck was on their side as their last remaining case of Rum had washed ashore along with the crew during the storm.  The natives, much more civilized than expected, allowed Captain deWinter one last drink - which he wisely offered to their Medicine Man.  Much to his delight, it was decided that a vegetarian meal was in order with Rum for all.  We now commemorate this historic event with what we call Happy Hour!

Every Saturday Night:

Lab Accident

with special guest, Duchess!

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Tickets $7.50